on Nov. 06, 2021

Nathaniel Great One

Beloved Family

Here! Here! Lies Nathaniel
Barely babe, barely known
Now! Now! Lives Nathaniel
Now! Now! At His throne
Great! Great! King of glory
Nathaniel does now bow
King! King! Great King Glory
“Nathaniel!” The King calls
“Nathaniel! The Knight! King shining so bright!”
Fearing not, this dear soldier
Fearing not, this dear one
Beloved he claims, never hearing his name
Now God has given, Nathaniel, proclaim!
Proclaim to the nations! Proclaim to the shores!
Rising up and deep over, these vast threshing floors
“Nathaniel!” They say! “Nathaniel, God’s hand”
“Barking out Great King’s orders!”
“Barking out for the Crown!”
Lights bright in the East, and so too in the West
Here is King Nathaniel
Here he is at his best.

Loving peace, and in memory of, our beloved son,
Nathaniel, The Living One, Livingston

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