on Oct. 08, 2020

Father of Promise
Colleen Livingston

Father, my Father, you live high above
Glistening, glowing, Your eyes filled with love
Father, good Father, You pierce through my soul
Forever You hold me, You never let go
Father, O’Father, Your grace never ends
Graciously saving my life to the end
Father, Lord Father, reaching out from the skies
Holding me tightly this night never dies
Majesty, Majesty, a knock at the door
Could this be You? At my threshing floors?
Over and over You spin, You ignite
Over, still over, You join me in flight
Hearing the calling, the beauty You hold
Captivates meaning in my heart to behold
Runner, keep running! He’s here at your side
Ever creating a distinguishing glide
Dancing, and turning You meet me so high
Forever I’ll praise You!
Gently wavering deep in blue sea
Glasses of crystal, jasper, and gems
Rainbow of promise, You faithfulness lends
Helping the needy, the ones You do know
Taking our refuge, You never let go
Father, Dearest Father, Your love never ends
Goodnight, my Dear Father,
Goodnight Dearest Friend.
A river of life is flowing no end
Jump in He’s glowing as angels descend!
Goodnight brother sister!
Goodnight beloved ones!
See you out yonder! As King, He’s the Son
Beloved we’ll be, together as one!

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