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Introduction to Revelation (revelation of Revelation Series, Volume 1) by [Livingston, Phil, Livingston, Colleen]revelation of Revelation, An Urgent Message for the Church is a six volume work that gives a comprehensive understanding to the meaning of the book of Revelation. Each of these volumes stand alone as a complete book and can be read out of sequence; that is once you have read Introduction to Revelation, Volume 1.

Introduction to Revelation, Volume 1 will give the reader an overall understanding of Revelation. The hidden outlines of Revelation are revealed in this volume, giving each part of John’s vision proper context and structure. Just as crucial towards interpretation, Volume 1 explains how to unpack and make sense of all the prophetic voices of God in the Bible.

Finally, in order to shed light on the mysteries of Revelation it is essential to first understand the most basic Christian tenets, which have been skewed; even lost throughout the ages. Without an accurate first-century understanding of foundational Christian concepts concerning, spiritual union, sin, death, salvation, and life beyond the natural world (to name a few) one could never interpret Revelation. Introduction to Revelation, Volume 1 defines those Christian concepts in key ways which unlock the interpretation of Revelation.

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