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Volume 5: The Fall of Babylon and the Church Corrupt

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The Fall of Babylon and the Church Corrupt (revelation of Revelation Series, Volume 5) by [Livingston, Phil, Livingston, Colleen]revelation of Revelation, An Urgent Message for the Church, Volume 5, The Fall of Babylon and the Church Corrupt is the third of four narratives the book of Revelation contains. This narrative tells its story from verse, 17:1-21:8. It is the story of the punishment and utter destruction of Babylon for all time. As John is being told this story by the angels, they reveal something that drops John's jaw. In his astonishment, the angel assures him he will explain this sight. It is his beloved Church he gave his blood, sweat, and tears to form that is the 7th kingdom (the 7th head) of the beast. Although this narrative tells us comprehensively about the destruction of Babylon, the focus and lion's share of this narrative is devoted towards Babylon in the Church. That is because even though through the great tribulation Babylon in the Church Corrupt is utterly destroyed, the Lord saves them in the end. He arranges a special resurrection for those who die in the great tribulation hanging true to their testimony, not worshiping the beast or taking his mark. It is called, "the first resurrection." It is a resurrection that is in advance of, and separate from the resurrection of the dead on the last day of judgment. Additionally, the Lord rises, both those who were resurrected, along with those who survived the great tribulation (and held fast) to meet Him in the sky. They descend back to the earth together, with Jesus in the lead. This great multitude become celestial humans, and reign with Christ for one thousand years. They minister to the newly formed nation of Israel and the other nations of mortal humans left on the earth. They do so from the New Jerusalem, a supernatural city which Christ brings down to earth from the heavenly realm. This is the story told in this fifth volume and third narrative.

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