Volume 4: The Main Characters of Revelation

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Introduction to Revelation (revelation of Revelation Series, Volume 1) by [Livingston, Phil, Livingston, Colleen]revelation of Revelation, An Urgent Message for the Church, Volume 4, The Main Characters of Revelation is the second of four narratives the book of Revelation contains. This narrative tells its story from verse, 11:19 to 16:21. However, unlike the other three narratives, this one is not told in story fashion. Instead, it gives prophetic profiles of the main characters who shaped our world and set it on the direction it is headed. These individual profiles are told in such an order that when put together, they tell the complete story of humanity past, present, and future. A photograph is a snapshot, a moment in time that we can behold and enjoy. However, these prophetic profiles that John describes are pictures worth a thousand words in that unlike a snapshot in time they tell us about these individuals and their roles in history past and future. This is a story everyone should know because neither humanity nor the earth are going to be allowed to run out their natural course, but all life will suddenly be interrupted with the end. In these pages we can learn what and who we can trust in order to survive and endure the things to come. There is no longer any reason to let the future overtake us unaware, and be swept away by what is in store for the world. The Bible, Revelation, and this narrative within it tells the true story and reveals the true and only way out. It's time to choose sides before it is too late! Here is what you need to know.

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