Volume 2: The Seven Letters of Revelation

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The Seven Letters of Revelation (revelation of Revelation Series, Volume 2) by [Livingston, Phil, Livingston, Colleen]

revelation of Revelation, An Urgent Message for the Church, Volume 2, The Seven Letters of Revelation focuses exclusively on revealing the message Jesus wrote concerning the entire Church Age (33 AD-the start of the great tribulation). The vision John received consists of four different stories or narratives. They are mind blowing prophecies which are the capstone of all the prophecies within the Bible itself. However, even before these visions are given, Jesus dictates one letter consisting of seven separate letters. They are meant for all His elect over the entire history of the Church Age. It is a single intimate letter addressed exclusively to His bride—the Church.

It is only because of the constant use of the number seven, that we can realize Jesus is addressing the entire Church Age telling us of everything it will face and become. Seven is used in framing the seven days of creation—the beginning of time; the seven seals—the premature end of time outlining judgment and redemption; the seven letters to the seven churches—outlining the entire Church Age and the Lord's admonishments.

When God outlines anything using the structure of sevens, He is telling us that He has included the beginning, the end, and a comprehensive explanation of what He is describing. The use of seven guarantees that nothing of significance is left out. With that in mind, we can glean from the seven letters of Revelation a whole new layer of information Jesus is trying to communicate to His beloved Church. Volume 2, The Seven Letters of Revelation, reveals what that message is. The message Jesus personally spoke to His elect before giving John the visions of Revelation.

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