Christianity: A Lost Civilization

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Wednesday, 11 November 2020 01:40 Written by 

As the title asserts, Christianity has lost its way. It has strayed hopelessly far away from its premises, its practices, and the first-century understanding it arose from. One has to look no further than the New Covenant promise and the tenants, by which the Christian puts himself under, and conforms to, in order to see how far they have strayed. Contemporary practices do not even resemble the biblical New Covenant tenants. Christianity, as charitable and loving as it is, has turned into a religious practice designed by men.

The premise that Christianity is a lost and skewed practice of what it once was in its origin, to most would seem like a ridiculous notion. Many would be dismissive without giving thought to the idea. After all, Christianity has been practiced unbroken since the New Covenant has been ratified by the death of Jesus on the cross. Likewise, the writings of the Bible have always been around, and never, for example, lost or buried in the ground and had need to be rediscovered by an archaeologist. But has it?

The fact is that in their bids for power and wealth in this world, elements of Church leadership in the highest of offices have remodeled or rewired the tenants of the New Covenant to suit their quests in such a manner that its basic foundations have been lost.

Secondly, the Bible and writings of our faith, indeed, have never been lost. However, they have most certainly been suppressed by the powers at be. Even imposing torture, and death sentences to those who possess them or worked to get them in the hands of the common people.

Things became so bad in Christendom that on October 31, 1517 the once united universal Christian Church began to unravel. It is this date when Martin Luther nailed his Ninety-five Theses on the door of the Castle Church in Wittenberg, Germany, challenging the corrupted practices of the Catholic (universal) Church. Luther realized that the practices of the Church leadership had over the years strayed so far away from its 1st century values and premises that it followed the rules of these men in power and not the New Covenant tenants which were instituted by Christ Himself.  

It is now 2020, some 500 years later and the Church continues to fragment because of a seemingly endless and unsatisfied quest to search out the true first-century understanding and practices of the New Covenant. Christianity remains so lost from its origins that it cannot understand its own scriptures and their true meanings, or the true context they were written in. At this point, it can only be by the Holy Spirit and the prophets sent by the Lord and their trail of bread crumbs, that the Church can find within their own writings (the Bible) the way to return to first-century practices and understandings.

However, as modern, intelligent, and resourceful we the Church at large are, we are clearly not there yet. This study, which is prophetically inspired by the Lord, was created to first: Open our eyes to how far away we are from our origins, and then secondly: Guide the way back before it’s too late and we have to suffer horribly in order to hang on to our born again birth right.

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