The Christian Story and its Message

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Wednesday, 11 November 2020 01:26 Written by 

"Jesus died for me!" "I am saved by grace through faith!" "I have the Holy Spirit and the mind of Christ!" "I am the bride of Christ!" "I am Spirit-filled!" "I do not live under the law, but I live by faith!"

These are some of the most essential Biblical truths for the Christian believer. However, in these times they have turned into little more than clichés. Their true meanings have been lost. Christians all over will proudly identify with and hail these sayings, so as to define their relationship with Christ. Ask them what they mean, and more often than not, they will stammer and stutter, not knowing exactly what to say. However, they cling to these sayings as if each one of them are an exclusive club they are a proud member of. Some will say, "It's not important to understand because we live by faith, that is all that is important. The rest we can find out when we get to heaven." This holds true even among our Christian leaders who rarely give us answers that leave us with a sense that we truly understand how these sayings apply to our lives, what they actually mean, or how they are true.

This book outlines the truths in the Bible in a way that a modern mind can make sense of and believe. It gives understandings that defy being locked into the categories of past Christian thinking even though they may have elements of them. Inside the covers of this book are fresh understandings of the old that have turned into nothing more than clichés void of context or explanations.

The Christian Story, and its Message gives a realistic and foundational understanding of the entire story of our faith. It begins with that fateful moment in the garden with the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil. It explains, in a sensible way, how the sin of Adam continues to affect us and poison our relationship with our Creator thousands of generations later. It brings us through how and why humans and the earth are under judgment, giving a rational explanation why Jesus had to die for us and exactly what makes us His bride. Lastly, bringing us to the Millennial Reign of Christ and the world to come that we are ultimately living for.

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