Colleen Livingston

Refining Her Pure

on Nov. 28, 2023

Refining Her Pure

Colleen Livingston

You hold the seven stars in your hand;
Enveloped by your mercy I stand.
With you I walk, my head held high;
Your yoke is easy, Your burden is light.

My heart lays bare before you;
There’s nothing for you I would not do.
Sweet Lord of Mercy from darkness You called;
From ashes you brought me, my knees I do fall.

May I be counted worthy of the call?
Lord, let your fire fall.
Consumed by your grace I lay;
Down at your feet I pray.

Let my lamp be one filled with oil;
Like a maiden awaiting, like a seed in fresh soil.
Overflowing with love, poured out for you;
Lord God of Mercy, what else can I do?

I give you it all, my heart and my life;
To spend it on you, a flame to ignite.
Making a difference restoring your bride;
Back to her lover with strongest of stride.

She’ll dance with you in step and in stride;
Uniting with you on horse she will ride.
Parading her lover igniting the sky!
Creation tearfully bowing as you pass by.

It’s time Sweet Lord, just give me the sign;
With you I will dance in step and in time.
Sweet God of Mercy deserving us pure,
No longer conflicted, it is You whom we serve.

Master over all, given to all mankind;
A gift we hold onto, a treasure to find.
Lord God of Mercy, You are so divine,
Please open our hearts to be one, refined.

Jesus, Messiah, King of the Jews

He treads in the night throughout the camp;
Strengthening men with His light in their lamp.
Carrying torch they parade through the fields,
Marking His freedom more souls, they will yield.

King of the Jews! You died on the cross;
Enduring and suffering this world seems loss.
But life everlasting you gave us that day;
Your blood poured out, like a lamb you were slain.

You came here so lowly and poor among us,
Making us beauty from ashes and dust.
A life giving Spirit released in the Earth,
Forever we live no longer deterred.

Jesus, Messiah, the King of the Jews,
It’s up to us which path to choose.
The gate it is narrow for those who are right,
Sadly it’s wide for those who fight.

You say but a few will make the cut,
Awaken those souls asleep in the rut.
They think they are serving a master, who’s true;
Deceived by the Devil, enslaved they delude.

Jesus awaken the ones You did choose,
Spreading like fire a great multitude.
A harvest the world has yet to see,
The saints they will march as big as the sea.

A torch they will carry inflamed in the sky;
Many will fall to their knees and cry.
“Forgive me, Lord! I turn now to You!”
“Jesus, Messiah, King of the Jews!”

Overhead! Look up! Now you can see!
All is revealed, the Great Mystery!
Open your hearts, the Law it is there!
Inside the lining, He teaches His word!

A stony heart becomes one of flesh!
Imagine His Spirit inside to caress.
Soothing the pain He anoints you with balm;
Deeper than simply reading a psalm.

Jesus, Messiah, the King of the Jews!
Forever as one we will praise You!
What wonders it is to live in this day!
Never will we trade it or throw it away!

Abraham in the Lord’s Bosom
Colleen Livingston

The following poem is based on the death of Abraham as written according to Jewish Rabbinical Tradition.

Even trees they know Your name;
They bow and shout the Lamb was slain!
Such beauty do You behold and create,
From sun in the morning, till moon at late.

The stars how they shine with color so bright,
Glistening flashes of gold through the night.
Oh Majesty beauty behold you are true!
Exalted above all we are and we do!

Copper trails of deer prancing by;
The beauties of amber filled grains grow high.
The wings of birds they spread through the sky,
Flapping and singing the Lord’s lullaby.

Good morning sweet blue jays I see you this day!
Good morning dew plants of crisp fragrance portray!
Of beauty you are such treasures to see,
Creation you’ve made such a keen mystery.

God of my Father’s of Israel claim;
Abraham spoke of the trees who sang.
He knew what they said that sad, sad night,
When Angel Michael came to take his life.

“No!, no!” he said “do not take my soul!”
Sweet Michael respected, tearfully sold.
He went to the Lord to speak of his friend;
The Lord sent him back to return him again.

Again he refused saying he did not want to leave;
Again Angel Michael gently agreed.
Returning, the Lord, sent to do it by force;
Deceiving sweet Abraham with death to endorse.

The Angel of Death appearing in light.
Abraham demanding he show him plain sight.
As Death appeared to manifest dark,
Thousands fell down to die from the stark.

Still Abraham lived but fell ill that night;
In tears seeing loved ones who died in his sight.
Finally the Lord came to give him a kiss,
Abraham melted into eternal bliss.

In the Lord’s bosom he died that night,
Forever departing this world, a sad sight.
Yes even the trees they mourned this great loss,
This man, Abraham, brought faith to the lost.

He sought out to save as many he could,
To show them to Yahweh, the Lord who is true.
A faithful servant set out to do good,
Forming and shaping a great multitude.

In heaven he stands by the Father’s side,
Along with the saints who have followed his tide.
Father of Faith much respect you are due,
Sweet Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob are true.

Hosanna in the Highest

on Nov. 28, 2023

Hosanna in the Highest

Colleen Livingston

Trickling down upon the ground I lay;
Fallen at your feet I pray.
Hosanna, Hosanna in the Highest!
Hosanna to the King of Kings!

You have paid the price so I may live;
For this to you my life I give.
Hosanna to the King of Kings!
Hosanna to You, my Lord, I sing!

Jesus, my Lord, you’ve come on clouds,
Riding your horse shouting loud!
A roaring Lion a scepter you hold,
Everything shall come that was foretold.

The prophets have written the ancient days;
The saints begging neath the alter, they pray.
The voice of the martyrs has been heard;
It’s time for the final word.

Hosanna to the King of Kings!
Hosanna in the Highest we sing!
The nations will bow at Your command;
Everyone will follow at Your right hand.

The government will rest on your shoulders,
All money distributed through your holders.
Leaders to align with the Divine;
Right by His side we’ll stand on High.

Let it all now come to pass;
Awaking all those meant to last.
To march with you on that great day;
Jesus, Holy Lamb, was slain.

How glorious it will be, sweet King of Kings!
Hosanna in the Highest we sing!

Awake O’Sleepers the Time has Come

Colleen Livingston

Rain drops fall, You wash me clean
You even take the things unseen
Removing all the muck and mire
This night, in You, I shall retire

Did you hear today the news on High?
The angels singing passing by?
A trumpet blast they blow their horns!
A warning of a coming storm!

Awake o’sleepers it’s time to march!
Awake o’sleepers out of the dark!
It’s time to shine across the land!
It’s time we now extend our hand!

No time to sleep, no time to sleep
Come gather all His scattered sheep.
Responsible shepherds the flock to grow
As One with Me the world shall know.

My dear sweet lambs awake to see
The unveiling of My mysteries.
Signs and wonders with you shall follow;
Unraveling ways the world can’t swallow.

Spirit to spirit uniting as one;
The manifestation of the Son.
My body alive among the Earth;
Jesus Holy Lamb is worth.

Awake o’sleepers, Awake this night!
It’s time to spark the flame in flight!
Awake o’sleepers, Awake it’s time!
I am yours and you are Mine.

My Bride Shall Fly

on Nov. 28, 2023

My Bride Shall Fly

Colleen Livingston

Twinkled neath the tatter hear the scattered distance grow;
Shattered neath the scepter fearing Me the world shall know.
Twister wraps the bellies of the flailing butterfly;
Transformed as one with Me my bride shall fly.

Oh beauty made from ashes, how sweet you are to Me
I once had time to listen neath the old oak tree.
Times have changed, the time has come,
For the world to know the Righteous One.

Scattered sheep have gone astray,
Oh how she will have to pay.
Her crimes are piled up to the sky;
She will pay, yes, she will die.

Lilies grow amidst the fields,
Filled with tender love, and zeal.
Among the lilies prance and dance,
Evolving to a sweet romance.

Hurray let’s dance the feast has come!
The supper of our marriage has come!
The Lamb, the Lion, now hear Him roar!
Defending His people with a sword!

Jesus, Son of Man, you come,
Upon the clouds, Oh Glorious One.
Parading all the saints and glory,
The world shall bow, the final story.

Judgment now shall come and stay;
Oh how I want to stand that day.
Head held high to the Righteous One,
To you my life, my heart belongs.

Keep me close right by your side,
I don’t want to run and hide.
Boldly walking, your Throne of Grace,
Finally I get to see your face.

I love you Jesus with all my heart,
Eternity with you shall start.
Long awaited this time has come,
Precious Lamb of God, the Son.

Hold tight, hold fast it all shall pass,
It’s worth it all it’s meant to last.
Worthy is the Lamb so true,
Worth it all for it is due.

No more jagged edges twisted fervent tear,
My bride is one with Me and pure.
No jackals shutter neath the mutter of the stagnant cry,
It all has gone beneath the darkened blaze of tore.


Morning Glory

on Nov. 28, 2023

Gal 2:20 I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me.

One Thing I Ask of You

Colleen Livingston

It is time for the world to see the King!
He reigns over all!

He is a defender of all mankind!
Picking up the weak,
And healing the blind.

The Song He's Singing

on Nov. 28, 2023

The Song He’s Singing

Colleen Livingston

Crackle neath the shutter
Hear the mutter distant cry;
A song I sing for you my love
A sweet song lullaby.

Bye, bye baby rocking forth
The porch outside is dry;
Do you hear the song I’m singing you?
A sweet song lullaby?

Herds of buffalo parade the fields
Storming loud they run the race;
Trampling the herds have fallen
Cracked the Earth is empty dry.

Have you heard the song I’m singing you?
A distant lullaby?

I’ve knocked the door is empty
When I’ve called you turned away;
How I wish you would have known Me
On that Great and Terrible Day.

Knocking, knocking at the door
Awake! The door I’m knocking!
The time has come my lowly ones
Her smell and filth is shocking.

Come out of her, my lowly ones
Her dinge is dark and grey;
She thinks she has it all but now
Her fame shall fall away.

Awake o’lowly sleepers
Hear me singing in the night;
A distant song of peace to know
You’ll find me in the light.

A day has come, a day shall pass
A day is coming near;
My people who are called by Me
Will listen to me, hear.

Goodbye I hear a distant cry
Goodbye the ones who chose to die;
Hello the ones a song I sing
A sweet song lullaby.

Certain things are meant to last
The love I have is all for you;
This moment I have waited long
Is now for us to share as two.

The Bride and Groom are marching
Now paraded all in glory;
The Son of Man shall be revealed
The Final End of Story!

A lamp is burning in the night
A light is shining here for you;
Grab hold of all you have inside
Grab hold of what is true.

Striking hour cast of midnight
Did you hear the distant cry?
This hour it has come upon us
To hear the ancient cry.

All must come to pass as spoken
Deep beyond the distant blue;
This hour it must come upon us
To prove inside we are true.

To stand with you on that Great Day
Is all I want to do;
Just show me Lord the way to go
This day and all things through.

I march with you a song I sing
The saints are marching too;
A sweet song you have sung to us
Our lives we give to You.

Your body we will be this hour
No matter what the cost;
Counting all that once was gain
We see it all as loss.

Do you hear Him in the distance?
Do you hear His distant cry?
He’s singing us a song this hour
A sweet song lullaby.

Holy Lamb of God So True

Colleen Livingston

This is the Covenant of New
The one I chose to die for;
My lambs you will choose to follow Me
Obedience learned through suffering.

My sheep they know to follow Me
Wherever I will go;
They hear my voice and follow Me
No matter what the cost to show.

I give my life, I lay it down
My sweet and Holy Lamb;
I lay my life down on the line
Seeking truth your path I find.

You are my friend as I am yours
My dear sweet Lamb of God;
I give you all my life I have
No longer mine but Yours.

The cost is great, but You deserve
But everything I am;
Striving all I have
To become one with the Lamb.

Jesus Holy Lamb You are
So innocent and true;
I give you all I have to give
It’s all I offer you.

No longer do I live for self
But solely just for you;
Considering nothing else
But the Holy Lamb so true.

You know what’s best
You know what’s right
Tonight I rest in You;

You’re worth it all, everything I have
It’s nothing compared to You;
I give you all the glory
Holy Lamb of God so true.

A simple prayer for you this night
A simple prayer to follow
I give you all I have this night
My life if You’ll allow it.

You’ve shown me strength and courage
You have shown me love to pray;
Arise inside me, arise and shine
I do not want to stray.

Pure love so bright this shining night
Your love so pure and true;
I lay down all my life for You
Holy Lamb of God so true.


Lilies in the Midnight Hour
A Message for America
Colleen Livingston

Bringer of light above the lilies,
Tread fast beyond the fields.
I’ve opened up my heart to you,
Only you can mold and heal.

Jars of clay prance through the fire,
I once belonged to you.
Returning now my heart’s desire,
Rendering the almond blue.

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