Colleen Livingston

Fields of Wheat Delight

on Aug. 08, 2022

Fields of Wheat Delight

Colleen Livingston

Did you hear the distant thunder?
Last night upon a wayward tree?
Many lambs were flocked together,
They grazed very close in unity.

No longer are they divided,
With even one to go astray.
They flock there tight together,
Because they know of the Coming Day.

Can you imagine what it was like?
When Abraham had walked the land?
The only righteous man alive,
With faith in God, he took a stand.

I do not know the hour,
Or the clear cut time of day.
But I do know this one thing tonight,
To adhere to what our Father say.

Out from the East a man shall rise,
His wickedness the world shall see.
But from the West My Dove shall fly,
Gathering flock for Eternity.

Do not fear the Evil,
That will come upon the Earth.
It’s time now for My prophecy,
To give its final word.

Do not cast your foot upon a rock,
Nor tread your foot upon a stone.
The hour we’re embarking on,
All Good and Evil shall be shown.

Awake it’s time to take the torch,
Ignite the fire in the sky.
It’s time to hear the whispers,
Of the breeze that’s passing by.

Awake tonight my little ones,
My lambs I long to see.
You are the treasured ones I’ve stored,
For all the world to see.

Awake o’ lowly sleepers,
Hear the thunders in the night.
Awake it’s time to gather,
In my fields of wheat delight.

A Parade of Saints is Marching Forth

Colleen Livingston

Marching, marching, two by four!
A parade of saints is marching forth!

In line they step, they dance with stride,
“Hup!”They yell, command in time.

"Two! Three! Four!" they align.
They know their destiny has arrived.

“This is a Family of God!” they proclaim.
With each of their steps they do in His name.

They come with a message! They march through and through!
Commanding, their Officer, He leads the crew.

"A-t-t-e-n-tion!" He shouts, “your time now is here!”
“Everyone listen, to turn now your ear!”

These saints they are marching, in step and in stride!
Leading the way as His pure spotless Bride!

No longer they live for themselves in the center.
They’ve laid down their lives, for their Holy Master.

Awake it is time for many to see!
The unveiling plan of His great mystery!

Marching forth, marching forth, in step two by two!
Awaking the sleepers of Great Multitude!

Shout with a trumpet and clap loud your hands!
This is final story, the end of His plans!

From glory to glory we'll see endlessly!
The Lord God of Hosts for eternity!

The Grapes of Wrath

on Aug. 08, 2022

The Grapes of Wrath

Colleen Livingston

The grapes of wrath have yet a meaning
That in the past I did not know;
God’s grace extended freely
In His mercy He did show.

That during tribulation
He saved souls of multitude;
Under wrath He washed us clean
Giving us a chance to see.

Do not take lightly this time present
As you walk your daily life;
Lay down like lamb to slaughter
Living solely for the Lamb.

Pick up your cross and follow
Every step He takes the lead;
He laid down first in hallow
He gained us victory.

I have one thing I regret
That I have only one life to give;
But I will fight as you did lowly
Bare my cross as you first did.



on Aug. 08, 2022


Colleen Livingston

Forever you have loved me and thought about this day;
When everything was crashing down, you came to show the way.

Forever you have given strength and shown me what to do;
But all the while, I was looking in, every way but you.

I’ve given you my life now, Lord, it’s what I choose to do;
Because you have forgiven me, I’ll serve you through and through.

Forever you have loved me Lord and had great plans for me;
Accomplishing your will sweet Lord, fulfilling destiny.

I love you Lord with all my heart, you’ve changed me through and through;
You give me peace, you give me strength, I owe it all to you.

All plans are reconciled now before I even knew;
Forever you were thinking of this time of fortitude.

Yes Prince of Peace you are my guide you show me what to do;
Forever you are with me now to teach me what is true.

True freedom does not fade away or have a stagnant shine;
It’s glorious above the world, its breeze does fly divine.

Oh Maker of Dear Heaven, yes, the One who shows me through;
I bow right now in reverence to your shine of magnitude.

To take a life, to give a life, your plans are far beyond;
Forever you were looking at this moment we’re upon.

You have a plan, you have a way, beyond our little minds;
Forever you have known us Lord, our destinies defined.

A Message Proclaim!

on Aug. 08, 2022

A Message Proclaim!

Colleen Livingston

We have a message for many to hear;
To grasp and hold onto and cherish, adhere.

Did you hear the Lord speak from heaven this day?
His time to return as a King He did say.

Awaken the masses to tell them this news!
Lord, open their hearts to stand for the truth!

It’s not just a fable or tale to read;
Jehovah, Yahweh, yes Jesus, the Seed.

He fell down in the ground to die in His name;
Then rose He did do, to life for His fame.

A crop of true righteousness followed His lead;
Many fell down to their knees to concede.

They laid down their lives, no longer their own;
To give Him the glory, as heaven was shown.

To die to this life is to gain Him eternal;
To hold to what was, means to die in inferno.

This world is so short compared to what will;
Eternity after is worth marching that hill.

Pick up your cross and follow His ways;
Endure tribulation to become pure for that Day.

A white robe to wear, spotless and clean;
He’ll hold you close, and wipe all your tears.

Jesus, Messiah, yes King of the Jews;
Your path we will follow to proclaim this great news!

The Day Isaac was Born

on Aug. 08, 2022

The Day Isaac was Born

Colleen Livingston

I remember the day as vibrant as light;
When Isaac, my child, was born to this life.

As radiant shining with crystals of blue;
His eyes were like thunder, yet piercing he knew.

This child of light has come to the world;
Not one thing will hinder, God’s will for him grows.

I couldn’t imagine a child so bright;
The Father and Son smiled fondly his sight.

Doting they saw him, a gift they did give;
For me to hold close and protect him to live.

This is not a child of common profaned;
"A heavenly creature in our charge!" God proclaimed.

The day he was born all of heaven did see;
The angels were shouting, "The Lord’s victory!"

The saints will come marching towards His holy throne;
Singing sweet praises of life we now know.

Isaac, my son, how I cherish this time;
While you are still young, in my bosom you climb.

Someday you will grow as a pillar so tall;
That many will hear you, and answer the call.

They’ll lay down their lives one soul at a time;
To give Christ the glory and be one with His vine.

A victor so grand that the world has not seen;
When all the saints marching, will reign endlessly.

Amazing he shines, to show them the way;
Forever his torch will burn high with His flame.


Did you Hear his Whisper?

Colleen Livingston

Did you hear His whisper in the night give His last final word?
He granted that you live with Him eternally and not deterred.

He waved His hands up in the sky to show you where to go;
He raised His body from the ground, the seed dead, now lives to grow.

He never meant to bring you harm but only victory;
He came to show you His great grace to live eternally.

We stand here now right by His side, no longer need to fear;
He's driven out the darkest cast, no longer shed your tears.

You have been chosen for such a time to bring forth His great name;
So do not to take it lightly but stand firm, march forth, His fame.

Glorious above the skies the saints are marching loud;
They sing amidst the angels marching forth on that great cloud.

O King of Glory this is the time for your fullness be revealed;
I march here now amidst the stars, light up the sky unveiled.

Jesus, King, Sweet Lord of Lords, how beautiful you are;
We sing and worship You, Sweet Lord, amidst the brightest stars.

It all has come, the time is now, to march forth in victory;
The hour of your majesty will reign here endlessly.

Did you hear His whisper when you went to sleep last night?
It's time to let this hour come, for Him, we march to fight.

No longer tired, weary, broken souls, with weakness in our veins;
But strong He gives us all we need to glorify His name.

The After Life

on Aug. 08, 2022

The After Life

Colleen Livingston

We're living in the After Life from now through this day forward;
Remembering what was, is gone, it's all been moving towards.

We all shall perish from the Earth to live eternally,
No longer mortal living death, destruction, torment; only victory.

We're living in the After Life from now, through this day forward;
Remembering what was, is gone, it's all been moving towards.

I once had dreamt of all that was, would never be destroyed;
But now I see the truth, dear Lord, for You I am employed.

Remembering the After Life is what I want to see;
Remembering where I belong, to Whom I long to be.

I stand here now, I'm dressed in white, for You my Lord shall see;
I fall down to my knees this night, to give my life to Thee.

I'm living in the After Life, for now the world shall know;
For those who want to see the truth, I pray now for their souls.

I'm living in the After Life, for now the world shall see;
That all that was, it still now is, and will be eternally.

His name is Lord, Annointed One, the Pure and Spotless Lamb;
He lives here now, the After Life, giving us the strength to stand.

Stand Firm

on Aug. 08, 2022

Stand Firm

Colleen Livingston

I am struck by your beauty, Lord, the wonders that you are;
To know that you are here with me, never are you far.
I shall not fear the evil one, even in the valley dark;
Among the ashes and the dust, no matter what we do embark.

You are a wonder, your ways not ours, but glorious they are;
Cancer may infest this world, no matter what you are not far.
Sores break out, and death ensues, but lifted up we are;
Upon this rock of righteousness, stand firm we will not fall.

Even though this world will fall and see its final days;
Down on upon our knees we fall and seek you do we pray.
We grab a hold of what is right, we will not turn away;
Just as it was foretold before, your light will never fade.

Lifted up we want to be with all the saints that day;
When all that’s good is stripped away, this world is dark and gray.
Lord, wake up all the saints who are to march unto the end;
Forever claiming your great name, forever we defend.

Jesus, freedom, without a cost, because you love us so;
Revealing all the mysteries, for those who are wise will know.
Stand firm until the end, no matter what we have to sow;
Our lives are not our own now Lord, from milk to meat we’ve grown.

Stand firm until the end, not matter what’s to come your way;
Hold fast to what you know is right, do not deny or betray.
He took upon Himself and died to save us from our sins;
Now show Him how you love Him back, by standing to the end.

I am Reconciled

on Aug. 08, 2022

I am Reconciled

Colleen Livingston

If I walked a thousand miles
And marked my flag down by a tree;
It would not mean a thing
Unless I did it all for Thee.

I am reconciled dead now;
My life is not my own.
Whatever you decide to do;
My body’s dead to dust is thrown.

No longer do I live for me
Deciding what I want to be;
Deciding what would make me happy.
I am reconciled dead, my life I live for Thee.

I can see what Your one life has done;
You made a ripple in the earth.
A drop of life into the ocean;
Works His way to make us pure.

I see now how You did the job,
By showing us the way.
By dying up upon that cross,
Holy Lamb of God was slain.

If One who died for many, to give eternal life;
Then many died for One, carrying torch to ignite.
Imagine a great multitude being slain upon the cross;
This world would see a harvest of great souls, no longer lost.

We are reconciled dead, no longer life our own;
We give it all to you our Lord, rich soil to be sown.
We are reconciled dead, our lives we give to you;
Our life an offering to be poured out in all we do.

When you died upon that cross, you had us all in mind;
To reconcile all the lost, to heal all the blind.
An offering you were to us forever we do see;
Worshiping the Lord of Hosts for all eternity.

My life is yours I lay it down, forever true to you;
Exalted high above the earth, I’ll stand and walk with you.
It’s worth it all, I lay it down, never looking back;
Lord God of Hosts you are so brave, the Leader of the Pack.

Thank you Lord from this day forward;
For all you are to do.
For everything that must still come;
To save the multitude.


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