Colleen Livingston

A Night to Remember

on Nov. 29, 2023

A Night to Remember

Colleen Livingston

Tonight, a magnetic force collides inside my spine.
It’s all because I’ve opened up my heart to One Divine.
He’s made me clean from all unseen and even made me pure.
I owe it all to Him for now I’m ready to endure.
This moment I’ve been waiting for, the one that seems surreal.
Although it is a moment that so many shall get healed.
A final taste of destiny is what I’ve come to serve;
I lay awake, yes pondering, what’s next to spark the nerve.
A talented and gifted bunch this crew has been prepared;
It’s time to saddle up this night and do what others won’t dare.
A destiny has made a match to march in final line;
A destitute of godly saints who lose their lives to find.
I lay awake, yes pondering, what wonders we’ll bestow;
When all of us are gathered round the One we long to know.
Goodnight sweet blue bird singing grand sweet lullabies of bliss;
This world we leave behind us now, this darkness shan’t be missed.
Amen to the ones who gave it all and showed us where to go;
I lay awake, yes pondering, how others too shall know.
Eternity is at the door awaiting final cast;
The moment He’s been waiting for is now fulfilled at last.

Lilies in the Field

on Nov. 29, 2023

Lilies in the Field
Colleen Livingston

I’ve walked among the valleys,
And have seen the darkest death.
I’ve paraded with the lilies,
And have tasted final breath.

I would not ask the one I love,
To suffer as I first did.
But now this final hour comes,
When love shines final bid.

I came down straight from heaven,
To show how much I love.
But now this hour comes at last,
When saints shall rise above.

A cast upon the lilies,
Vastly growing in the fields.
Awake now my pure beauty,
Align to march the final seal.

The waves have crashed,
Upon the shores.
I’ve opened up the wells.

Now open up I stand behind,
I’m waiting at the door.

Listen closely with an ear,
To do as I first willed.
And all will come to bliss at last,
Your hearts with love be filled.

I cast upon the bed this night,
Sweet lilies from the fields.
I’ve given you a chance at last,
To bow as I did yield.

I Walk Now With You

on Nov. 29, 2023

I Walk Now With You

Colleen Livingston

I had wondered once what made me tick,
I drank sometimes till I’d get sick.
I’m glad those days are gone, goodbye,
I’m glad the Lord is near my side.
If I had drifted farther, I’d never see,
What glorious plans for eternity.
This isn’t a poem of fractured betrayal;
Rather a tender relief of my life in travail.
The Lord He is faithful in all He sees to,
You tell Him your heart and He’ll guide you through.
Never forget that He died on the cross,
He paid a great price that will never be lost.
Start fresh new this year walking in step with Him;
I promise those old days will run rather thin.
You’ll taste a new life that is filled with pure love,
You’ll stand firm in truth, you’ll fly like a dove.
A peace that will last forever in Him,
We welcome you now for your new life begins!
Hurray! We applaud you and march by your side!
Remember this moment when all things have died.
Alive you are now, you are clothed in pure light,
Now stand firm this one, you are determined to fight.
Amen my new brother, I welcome you here.
Amen to my sister, you are treasured and dear.

A Tribute to the Ones I Love

Colleen Livingston

The following poem was written in honor of the life of Diane Susan Livingston 1957-2012.

Over the hill, I’ve walked this life;
No longer frustrated by sickness and strife.
A tribute I’ve made to the ones I love;
Giving them presents of stems from the grub.
Just after many, I’ve made my own way,
But now I see shadows that soon fade away.
Listen, the clock ticking from far beyond here,
The truth I behold in my heart I hold here.
Just when I walked down streets of clear glass;
I saw the One waiting all I did was glimpse passed.
He held me so close that I did not even cry;
He showed me the moments of life passing by.
I fell to my knees and saw clearly the truth;
That opened my heart to receive a life new.
I gaze now a beauty that trembles inside;
He’s made all things new, He’s shifted my stride.
I do not regret the choices I’ve made;
For now all I see, is its lead me to be saved.
Clear oceans of blue, they wash over me,
A place of true peace and of serenity.
I wish I could kiss each one of you bye;
And I know I will miss you and remember you cry.
Goodbye to the ones I have held dear to me;
Goodbye to the ones who will live eternally.
I will see soon your faces to shine like the Son;
United we’ll be forever as one.

Fields of Wheat Delight

on Nov. 29, 2023

Fields of Wheat Delight

Colleen Livingston

Did you hear the distant thunder?
Last night upon a wayward tree?
Many lambs were flocked together,
They grazed very close in unity.

No longer are they divided,
With even one to go astray.
They flock there tight together,
Because they know of the Coming Day.

Can you imagine what it was like?
When Abraham had walked the land?
The only righteous man alive,
With faith in God, he took a stand.

I do not know the hour,
Or the clear cut time of day.
But I do know this one thing tonight,
To adhere to what our Father say.

Out from the East a man shall rise,
His wickedness the world shall see.
But from the West My Dove shall fly,
Gathering flock for Eternity.

Do not fear the Evil,
That will come upon the Earth.
It’s time now for My prophecy,
To give its final word.

Do not cast your foot upon a rock,
Nor tread your foot upon a stone.
The hour we’re embarking on,
All Good and Evil shall be shown.

Awake it’s time to take the torch,
Ignite the fire in the sky.
It’s time to hear the whispers,
Of the breeze that’s passing by.

Awake tonight my little ones,
My lambs I long to see.
You are the treasured ones I’ve stored,
For all the world to see.

Awake o’ lowly sleepers,
Hear the thunders in the night.
Awake it’s time to gather,
In my fields of wheat delight.

A Parade of Saints is Marching Forth

Colleen Livingston

Marching, marching, two by four!
A parade of saints is marching forth!

In line they step, they dance with stride,
“Hup!”They yell, command in time.

"Two! Three! Four!" they align.
They know their destiny has arrived.

“This is a Family of God!” they proclaim.
With each of their steps they do in His name.

They come with a message! They march through and through!
Commanding, their Officer, He leads the crew.

"A-t-t-e-n-tion!" He shouts, “your time now is here!”
“Everyone listen, to turn now your ear!”

These saints they are marching, in step and in stride!
Leading the way as His pure spotless Bride!

No longer they live for themselves in the center.
They’ve laid down their lives, for their Holy Master.

Awake it is time for many to see!
The unveiling plan of His great mystery!

Marching forth, marching forth, in step two by two!
Awaking the sleepers of Great Multitude!

Shout with a trumpet and clap loud your hands!
This is final story, the end of His plans!

From glory to glory we'll see endlessly!
The Lord God of Hosts for eternity!

The Grapes of Wrath

on Nov. 29, 2023

The Grapes of Wrath

Colleen Livingston

The grapes of wrath have yet a meaning
That in the past I did not know;
God’s grace extended freely
In His mercy He did show.

That during tribulation
He saved souls of multitude;
Under wrath He washed us clean
Giving us a chance to see.

Do not take lightly this time present
As you walk your daily life;
Lay down like lamb to slaughter
Living solely for the Lamb.

Pick up your cross and follow
Every step He takes the lead;
He laid down first in hallow
He gained us victory.

I have one thing I regret
That I have only one life to give;
But I will fight as you did lowly
Bare my cross as you first did.



on Nov. 29, 2023


Colleen Livingston

Forever you have loved me and thought about this day;
When everything was crashing down, you came to show the way.

Forever you have given strength and shown me what to do;
But all the while, I was looking in, every way but you.

I’ve given you my life now, Lord, it’s what I choose to do;
Because you have forgiven me, I’ll serve you through and through.

Forever you have loved me Lord and had great plans for me;
Accomplishing your will sweet Lord, fulfilling destiny.

I love you Lord with all my heart, you’ve changed me through and through;
You give me peace, you give me strength, I owe it all to you.

All plans are reconciled now before I even knew;
Forever you were thinking of this time of fortitude.

Yes Prince of Peace you are my guide you show me what to do;
Forever you are with me now to teach me what is true.

True freedom does not fade away or have a stagnant shine;
It’s glorious above the world, its breeze does fly divine.

Oh Maker of Dear Heaven, yes, the One who shows me through;
I bow right now in reverence to your shine of magnitude.

To take a life, to give a life, your plans are far beyond;
Forever you were looking at this moment we’re upon.

You have a plan, you have a way, beyond our little minds;
Forever you have known us Lord, our destinies defined.

A Message Proclaim!

on Nov. 29, 2023

A Message Proclaim!

Colleen Livingston

We have a message for many to hear;
To grasp and hold onto and cherish, adhere.

Did you hear the Lord speak from heaven this day?
His time to return as a King He did say.

Awaken the masses to tell them this news!
Lord, open their hearts to stand for the truth!

It’s not just a fable or tale to read;
Jehovah, Yahweh, yes Jesus, the Seed.

He fell down in the ground to die in His name;
Then rose He did do, to life for His fame.

A crop of true righteousness followed His lead;
Many fell down to their knees to concede.

They laid down their lives, no longer their own;
To give Him the glory, as heaven was shown.

To die to this life is to gain Him eternal;
To hold to what was, means to die in inferno.

This world is so short compared to what will;
Eternity after is worth marching that hill.

Pick up your cross and follow His ways;
Endure tribulation to become pure for that Day.

A white robe to wear, spotless and clean;
He’ll hold you close, and wipe all your tears.

Jesus, Messiah, yes King of the Jews;
Your path we will follow to proclaim this great news!

The Day Isaac was Born

on Nov. 29, 2023

The Day Isaac was Born

Colleen Livingston

I remember the day as vibrant as light;
When Isaac, my child, was born to this life.

As radiant shining with crystals of blue;
His eyes were like thunder, yet piercing he knew.

This child of light has come to the world;
Not one thing will hinder, God’s will for him grows.

I couldn’t imagine a child so bright;
The Father and Son smiled fondly his sight.

Doting they saw him, a gift they did give;
For me to hold close and protect him to live.

This is not a child of common profaned;
"A heavenly creature in our charge!" God proclaimed.

The day he was born all of heaven did see;
The angels were shouting, "The Lord’s victory!"

The saints will come marching towards His holy throne;
Singing sweet praises of life we now know.

Isaac, my son, how I cherish this time;
While you are still young, in my bosom you climb.

Someday you will grow as a pillar so tall;
That many will hear you, and answer the call.

They’ll lay down their lives one soul at a time;
To give Christ the glory and be one with His vine.

A victor so grand that the world has not seen;
When all the saints marching, will reign endlessly.

Amazing he shines, to show them the way;
Forever his torch will burn high with His flame.


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