Colleen Livingston


on Jun. 23, 2024

Colleen Livingston

Fanning the flame
Beckoning He calls
In chambers of the night
His kiss shall last
On water my bread cast
My Kingdom shall come
My will shall be done
Ever My quaking
Ever My shaking
My Bride Shall be One
Governing Nations
I come
Forever My Glory Shall
The Son
His bread was cast
Returning to Him
A great mass
From corners
And corners
They Come!
We march
The banner we hold
To embark
The remaining
Souls on the Ark
Praises to the king!
We march
Praises to the king!
We march
Forever His Glory Shall Reign
Forever His Chambers Remain


on Jun. 23, 2024


Awaken you nations
Awaken you nations
Your Father calls out
He cries!
Your forefathers they knew
And so be it, you
Will carry their message down through.

Generations, generations
Deep from the depths of
Loud cries!
Jerusalem, Jerusalem My bride
Adorned in your beauty
I cried!
Never forgotten, forever begotten
My Son

Nations, Yes, Nations
Marching together
Up rise!
This mantle of Eve’s
Is Alive!
His goings forth
Shall remain
From eternities, to eternities
His fame

Glory to the One
The Seed of her offspring
His goings forth
She cries!
Salvation has come
To mankind!

Amen and

Bearer of Light Cast in the Night


Bearer of Light

You come to me,

Devoutly committed

I long to be.


Bearer of Light

Your image I bear,

Seeking so deeply

There’s no time to spare


Bearer of Nations

The torch I hold high,

Denying the truth

Some fall to the side.


Deeply travailing

We cry through the night,

Wake up all you sinners!

Be pleasing,  His sight!


Deep in the valley

Decisions are made.

Which way to turn

No time to sway.


Open the window

Let darkness come in,

Those who are falling

Choose life, or choose sin.


Open you heavens!

Open wide you gates!

The torrent  survivors

Disdained in their fate.


Likened to wonder

A stormed wall disgraced.

Halleluiah! Sing Praises!

Halleluiah! His Name!


Walls of wonder

Walls of fame

The valley decides

A destiny waits.


Awakened believers,

Awakened now come.

They suffer Her torment

To the ground they’re run.


Escaping no more

She’s captured and torn,

To pieces she lies

No longer forlorn.


Perpetua knew

With sword she was slewn,

Her majesty waited

Longing her soon.


Judges and leaders

Nations and kings,

No one escapes

This last final ring


Fire! Oh Fire!

His judgment shall come!

Higher and higher!

The blood shall run.


Nations! Oh Nations!

Await the Great Day!

The Lord God Almighty

With sword much to slay!


Goodnight wicked dreamers!

Twisted inside.

Goodbye tended sloon!

No barracks to hide.


Havoc to mend,

No counsel to wrought.

Paid with a price

Multitudes bought.


Goodnight wasted temples!

Good fortune, no last,

Appealing to many

Decisions made fast.



Wretched sinners

Turn from your ways,

A darkness is coming

No man can display.


Beyond recognition

Remains to be seen,

Hold that which is close

That you can glean.


Don’t take the mark,

Whatever you do,

Choose your profession

Hold tightly at noon.


Open the gates!

The fire it dwells,

Deep in the pit

That Dragon cast hell.


on Jun. 23, 2024


Colleen Livingston

You took me, so faithfully torn
From ashes, You made me
of beauty, adorned

I saw You, Your eyes flames of fire
The Spirit inside You
Is my one desire

You've loved me, deep in the night
Though dark in my heart
You've brought beauty and light

You are, radiant and true
Beloved, my love
Sir, Master, I do!

You hold me, still in the night
Forever, enchanting
A pure golden light


Man of Integrity

on Jun. 23, 2024

Man of Integrity

Man of Integrity
Let’s see you shine
How long and hard
You’ve worked the road
To see it all unwind.

This is your time
To take your place
Let all the people see
No time to stop, the ticking clock
There will be no more delay.

Over the hills
Round up, you go
Tethering His flock you may
This is the time
Let your light shine
Direct them narrow and straight.

Ticking the clock
It’s near 12:00
Time is slipping near
Don’t stop this trot
Oh tickering tock
This is an alabaster trade

Oh beckoning dear!
No need to fear
This moment is pervious
Indignant yet still
Open your heart
It’s ready fresh fervor and dill

Man of Integrity
Let’s see you shine
It’s time to drink of the vine
Be still blessed one
Your light does still shine
Crack open these shambles and lay 

The Fruit of the Vine is that of Wine

Colleen Livingston

Orchards amazed of glorious splendor
Lord God, Your sons, have now surrendered
Nations upon nations bow down to Your name
King of the Jews! They loudly proclaim.
October they laugh, they scoff, and they mock
But look out remember it’s soon 12 o’clock
Arise all you nations! Arise now in time!
Soon we’ll remember as we drink down the wine
The nations will squawk as the witnesses speak
But those who are wise will humble and greet
Arise all you nations!  Arise it’s the time!
A fifth of the vodka no longer will shine
Sobering up at awakening gasps
The world as we know it will soon but pass
Be strong now beloved
Be strong in the Lord
It’s you that He died for
For you He did pour
His blood is remembered
We drink it and sigh
Remembering sweetly
His love not denied
Good come overcomers
Give strength to the weak
Remember to always turn other cheek
Express now His love
Our time soon will pass
As we drink of the vine
And lift Him our glass
Orchards upon orchards
Will call on His Name
The End it is Coming!
Now Loudly Proclaim!
Multitudes! Multitudes!
Drink of the vine
Remembering sweetly
It is our time.

Sweet September

on Jun. 23, 2024

Sweet September
By: Colleen Livingston

The ocean’s shore
A midsummer’s night,
I bid you good tidings
To thee a good night.

Do not fret or worry
Hold dear and hold tight,
I bid you good tidings
To thee a good night.

A manger, no danger
Just solemnly drift,
No worries this evening
The cares all just lift.

A midsummer’s day
Outside looking gray,
No worries tomorrow
Just sunshine at bay.

Awaken the sleepers
No resting the lame
Hark herald! The angels
Now loudly proclaim.

Awaken the heavens!
Come down to the ground,
Igniting the future
A glorious sound.

Open the heavens!
Come down through the gates!
I’ll always be smiling
In this resting place.

Goodbye sweet September
I’m holding you dear,
This time near is coming
Hold tight now this year.


on Jun. 23, 2024


Everlasting Your mercy reigns
An unearthing point of view
So far have I fallen
That You would make me
something new

Everlasting You shine
Growing bigger deep inside
One day soon You will take over
In step with You
I will abide

Everlasting My Savior
Mighty King Your glory shines
I can’t recall a moment but
The tethering winds shook down
my spine

Everlasting deep blue sea
Searching fervently through the night
One day soon the glory will come
Shifting brightly but not
too tight

Everlasting lay my pillow
Down to sleep, yes now I pray
Someday soon I’ll get to know You
Someday soon will be
the Day

Everlasting don’t forget me
Everlasting knows my name
In Him I seek my refuge
On my knees I now
Do pray

Goodnight, my dear Beloved
Goodnight, my Holy and True
You are the One I treasure
Giving life and
All things new

Her Name Now is Sadie

on Jun. 23, 2024

Her Name Now is Sadie

Colleen Livingston

There was a moment when I could see
A moment when it all came and hit me
Awakened I was by a moment’s blast
I was reminded of what I did in my past
I ached and I moaned long dead to the grave
Those souls long dead wondering which ones were saved
Hours and nights I’d ponder these things
Till one day it hit me the life’s song I did sing
Halleluiah! my praises they sing to the end
Halleluiah! my song to you I do send
My darling blue morning jay birds do sing
Sweet song of salvation my soul now does bring
All of the laughter, all of the cries
Those many years that passed me by
I know now my pardons, I know now my past
But I’m glad now His mercy has saved me at last
My name now is Sadie
I stand proud and sing
The glorious hope and future He brings
His love lasts forever
His love never ends
For now it’s goodbye to my sweet dear old friends
Goodbye sweet ones
May love ever last
Goodbye my sweet dear
With you I am grateful
To shed now this tear

Coming Near

on Jun. 23, 2024

Coming Near

Colleen Livingston
The time is now!

It's coming to a head!

Do not look back,

But forward instead!


The highways and byways

Have all faded by,

Don't let another year

Pass you by.


The time is coming near

To an end,

I'm calling you swiftly

My friend I hold dear.


Open your heart

And give it your all,

My friend let's get ready

Your name I do call.


Lord, God, My Shepherd

Please tend to your flock,

I know near embarking

Soon late twelve o'clock.


My Lord, call me quickly

My Lord, give my all,

My Lord, ticking swiftly

My Lord, final call.

Hearken near!

All you who hear!

There is something much deeper

To see.

An angel told me late right this night

A message for all you to see.

Late here in November a loud solemn cry

A drifting memory passing by.

Life as you know it

Sure won't be goin it

Time now to beckon and hear.

The ticking and tocking is the time running clocking

Run over the old left not near.

You best be believing

In the One who is cleaving,

The One who will give you a sear.

Take a bite it's quite a delight

It's all that you thought and then more.

No worries dear fellow

Come peace and now mellow

It's all that you need

So don't fear.

The Bridegroom is coming near.




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