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on Jul. 21, 2013

You Knew His Name

Colleen Livingston

Put away your filthy ways
And let it wash on down the drain,
Perhaps you’d like to take a bath
Or let it all fall in the rain.

on Jul. 09, 2013

Destiny Fulfilled

Colleen Livingston

Ignoring people, that’s what you do
Especially if they don’t have a clue

Unless you see a light inside
And sense they won’t run and hide

on Jul. 02, 2013

Mutter Not

Colleen Livingston

I’ve opened up my heart to You
Given all I’ve ever had
A ring, a watch, a ruby too
It all means nothing in comparison to You.

Last night I watched the news man say:
“Looks like a blast of bombs to pass…”
“America is looking dark and gray…”
But I do know this one thing, dear Lord
You’re getting stronger in me today.

I never thought I’d ever find
A mystery so clearly defined.
One day when all my life had changed
You came to see me defiled, in all my shame.

I remember all so clearly
When you whispered in my ear,
An avalanche, an olive branch
I’ve pressed you down and near.

A distant thunder
I hear you cry
With each moment you pass by,
Why, oh Lord, have you so come
Inside the threshing floors?

Awake a harvest!
You all will see!
As I extend and bow my knee,
You too, can join the Holy One
Cantering softly, further living eternally.

Oh my, Dear Shepherd, you tend to your flock
Open scales you shed, you fly
For now walk, an open stalk
Tilting back, you dandle not

Oh, Dear Shepherd, array and shine
It’s time for your glory, yes, divine
A glitz of shine, you are but mine
I remember You as I drink the wine

The bread I break
Of You I take
Remembering what You have done.
So now I tilt and bow, sharp sword
March forth, proclaiming Your word.

Good shepherd you are a shining star
Your rod it shines the brightest of noon day.
Onto the flock you tend you lock
Your gaze intently at His face.

Intently I break of Your bread
I Do Take
Holy matrimony, I do make
A covenant of pure and true of your love
A destiny born, to never forsake

Money is gone
Forget mowing the lawn
There’s something much deeper for me
I now see
A chance has been given
A “class A” gold ribbon
I shout loud and proudly for Him!

I do not take lightly
This gift I hold tightly
Your lips
I one day will kiss.

I hold on to what’s true
Not in part, but full view
His bride I walk, and mutter not
But sing His truth and glory shall reign!

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