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on Oct. 24, 2012

To Be Forgiven Much Means to Love Much

Colleen Livingston

To be forgiven much means to love much;
Remembering where I came from and such.
You threw it all away no longer thinking of it;
What kind of God that You pulled me from the pit.

To be forgiven much means to love much;
This means I stand by Your side wherever You thrust.
Your wish is my command;
The fact that I get to stand in Your Holy Land.

To be forgiven much means to love much;
Bound to You with all I do in constant touch.
Much is owed to You, You are all I have;
The fact that I am Your daughter and You, my Dad.

To be forgiven much means to love much;
Your body on the Earth, Your will I will clutch.

To be forgiven much means to love much;                                                                                                                                                    Yes, to be forgiven much means...

To love much.

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