Destiny Fulfilled

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Destiny Fulfilled

Colleen Livingston

Ignoring people, that’s what you do
Especially if they don’t have a clue

Unless you see a light inside
And sense they won’t run and hide

This truth they will hear
They’ll take credence and hold dear

The nations will rant and rave they will cheer
As soon as we claim that heaven is near

As leaders will stand, many will fall
The beast some will take, but chosen not all

This is the generation, yes many will see
Beholding the truth, enduring prophecy

Open the gates and unlock the wells
Behold Key of David it’s time tell

The truth is now marching
So line up in stance
The world’s final hour
So get up and dance
Step out and proclaim
Yes, JESUS, His name
His hour to shine
His hour of fame

Glory to nations who line up and sing
Glory to those who proclaim him as King

A victory no eye has seen!
Multitudes, multitudes, made spotless and clean.

Awake, awake, your time now is here
Awakened you are by a truth made so clear

Revelation, revelation, we’ve waited so long
The truth now revealed no longer prolonged

So put on your hats, parade now to march
The torch we hold onto, the ship now to embark

Those who are wise, yes now they will see
Unveiling His plan to fulfill destiny!

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