Shamefully Naked and Exposed

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Shamefully Naked and Exposed

Colleen Livingston

In Christ I’ve found my purity,
He’s made me pure in Him.
Yes virtue is a gift He gives,
To those who obey His name.

His Majesty is one divine,
To those who are His bride.
Inside interior He lives,
In my castle He is alive.

Through many chambers He has cleansed,
Igniting his pure light.
Scattering all the species there,
Who block me from His sight.

I want to be standing on that day,
And lifted up as His pure bride.
God forbid I am left behind here, Lord,
Shamefully naked, filled with pride.

He’s warning all His Church this hour,
To put away your selfish ways.
It’s not about the outside looks,
But inside you are dark and gray.

“No more lukewarm!” He shouts out loud!
Turn swiftly from your ways!
A time is coming soon His bride,
Will be lifted far away.

But many left behind will say,
“Lord, Lord, I’ve honored, yes, your name?”
The Lord will say He never knew you,
Gnawing, gnashing, weeping you will see.

You do not want to be caught naked,
Being shamefully exposed.
When the Lord of Hosts, comes lifts us up,
Inside your heart your motives He knows.

Great tribulations will be endured,
Without His presence you will choose.
Your first love you will know then,
For Jesus Christ, your life you’ll lose.

How graceful of a God we have,
He’ll give you second cut.
All you have to do, hold fast,
Your testimony will be enough.

Bring glory to the God of hosts!
His mercy has endured!
Cut to the heart you’ll love Him more,
Giving Him all you’ve procured.

Standing by we’ll watch in awe,
Silence above for those few years.
Tears will stream down from our eyes,
Until all of you have come up to cheer.

“Jerusalem! Jerusalem!”
“How I’ve longed to hold you near”
“Like a mother hen I’ve called to you!”
“But no one wanted to hear!”

Here I come now though,
The time has come,
To take you for myself.
“Blessed is He who comes now here,
In the name of our dear Lord!”

You will shout My name,
“You are the Holy One!”
“Coming down from Heaven",
“Together at last has finally come!”

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