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Colleen Livingston

A tsunami tide can change your life,
Destroying everything there was.
But if you let it do its work,
You will find strength to rise above.

A tsunami tide can shift your life,
Rinsing lust out from your ears.
Rattling and settling all things straight,
Igniting hope in what is left down here.

Where else can you turn your heart?
When everything is washed away.
A tsunami tide can change your life,
Causing you to bow down and pray.

"I once was a big time business man!"
"I had it all, a man could dream!"
A tsunami tide it changed my life,
It faded by and went down stream.

"A wife and kids I once did have!"
"But what I had now, yes, is gone!"
A tsunami tide it took my life,
A new one, in Christ, I’ve found.

In Christ I place my trust in life,
I cleave to what I know.
Inside my heart was struck in time,
To walk this path I now will grow.

My priorities in life have changed,
Everything is washed, I’m saved.
A tsunami came and changed my life,
My life I’ve died, to Christ I gave.

So take me now, eternal stride,
I bow now at His name.
A tsunami tide has changed my life,
I no longer live in shame.

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