Stand Firm

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Stand Firm

Colleen Livingston

I am struck by your beauty, Lord, the wonders that you are;
To know that you are here with me, never are you far.
I shall not fear the evil one, even in the valley dark;
Among the ashes and the dust, no matter what we do embark.

You are a wonder, your ways not ours, but glorious they are;
Cancer may infest this world, no matter what you are not far.
Sores break out, and death ensues, but lifted up we are;
Upon this rock of righteousness, stand firm we will not fall.

Even though this world will fall and see its final days;
Down on upon our knees we fall and seek you do we pray.
We grab a hold of what is right, we will not turn away;
Just as it was foretold before, your light will never fade.

Lifted up we want to be with all the saints that day;
When all that’s good is stripped away, this world is dark and gray.
Lord, wake up all the saints who are to march unto the end;
Forever claiming your great name, forever we defend.

Jesus, freedom, without a cost, because you love us so;
Revealing all the mysteries, for those who are wise will know.
Stand firm until the end, no matter what we have to sow;
Our lives are not our own now Lord, from milk to meat we’ve grown.

Stand firm until the end, not matter what’s to come your way;
Hold fast to what you know is right, do not deny or betray.
He took upon Himself and died to save us from our sins;
Now show Him how you love Him back, by standing to the end.

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