I am Reconciled

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I am Reconciled

Colleen Livingston

If I walked a thousand miles
And marked my flag down by a tree;
It would not mean a thing
Unless I did it all for Thee.

I am reconciled dead now;
My life is not my own.
Whatever you decide to do;
My body’s dead to dust is thrown.

No longer do I live for me
Deciding what I want to be;
Deciding what would make me happy.
I am reconciled dead, my life I live for Thee.

I can see what Your one life has done;
You made a ripple in the earth.
A drop of life into the ocean;
Works His way to make us pure.

I see now how You did the job,
By showing us the way.
By dying up upon that cross,
Holy Lamb of God was slain.

If One who died for many, to give eternal life;
Then many died for One, carrying torch to ignite.
Imagine a great multitude being slain upon the cross;
This world would see a harvest of great souls, no longer lost.

We are reconciled dead, no longer life our own;
We give it all to you our Lord, rich soil to be sown.
We are reconciled dead, our lives we give to you;
Our life an offering to be poured out in all we do.

When you died upon that cross, you had us all in mind;
To reconcile all the lost, to heal all the blind.
An offering you were to us forever we do see;
Worshiping the Lord of Hosts for all eternity.

My life is yours I lay it down, forever true to you;
Exalted high above the earth, I’ll stand and walk with you.
It’s worth it all, I lay it down, never looking back;
Lord God of Hosts you are so brave, the Leader of the Pack.

Thank you Lord from this day forward;
For all you are to do.
For everything that must still come;
To save the multitude.


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