Hosanna in the Highest

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Hosanna in the Highest

Colleen Livingston

Trickling down upon the ground I lay;
Fallen at your feet I pray.
Hosanna, Hosanna in the Highest!
Hosanna to the King of Kings!

You have paid the price so I may live;
For this to you my life I give.
Hosanna to the King of Kings!
Hosanna to You, my Lord, I sing!

Jesus, my Lord, you’ve come on clouds,
Riding your horse shouting loud!
A roaring Lion a scepter you hold,
Everything shall come that was foretold.

The prophets have written the ancient days;
The saints begging neath the alter, they pray.
The voice of the martyrs has been heard;
It’s time for the final word.

Hosanna to the King of Kings!
Hosanna in the Highest we sing!
The nations will bow at Your command;
Everyone will follow at Your right hand.

The government will rest on your shoulders,
All money distributed through your holders.
Leaders to align with the Divine;
Right by His side we’ll stand on High.

Let it all now come to pass;
Awaking all those meant to last.
To march with you on that great day;
Jesus, Holy Lamb, was slain.

How glorious it will be, sweet King of Kings!
Hosanna in the Highest we sing!

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